NCC Chuck

NCC Chuck

NCC Chuck

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NCC is based on a static pressure gas bearing technology using a carbon porous body, and the supplied pressure is transferred to the entire porous surface and is constantly discharged from the front of the bearing surface

The adhesive material rises while maintaining a fine gap on the bearing surface, becomes fluid lubricating, and a fine hole is made on the bearing surface to suck by connecting a vacuum circle

By balancing the injured force and the suction force simultaneously on the same plane, non-contact adsorption is created

At this time, the adsorption force strengthens the fluid membrane, increasing the stability of the adhesive and forming a natural form of adsorption without contact stress

Characteristics of NCC

  • Independent non-contact adsorption technology: stable injury characteristics, low air consumption, low noise, dust-free
  • High precision: adjusting the gap by adjusting the air supply/intake pressure, maintaining a high precision plane
  • High Basic Performance: Maintaining cleanliness due to low stress, strong gripping power, and non-contact
  • Work in a non-contact adsorption state is uniformly supported by a fluid film without a single load to maintain a constant interval and form a precise plane according to the bearing surface
  • Work is maintained in a natural form without stress and does not cause high-direction displacement, vibration

The purpose of NCC

  • Silicon Wafer Chucking Table
  • Silicon Wafer Non Contact End Effect
  • Glass substrate inspection table

Φ300mm Silicon Wafer Chucking Table

Φ300mm Silicon Wafer Non Contact End Effect

500X400mm Glass substrate inspection table